Terms and Conditions


Customer may terminate this contract at any time after system acceptance by giving Blue Canoe five days written notice of such action. In such event, Customer shall be liable only for payment in accordance with the payment provisions of this contract for satisfactory work done and services performed prior to the effective date of the termination. If Blue Canoe terminates, Customer may, at its sole discretion, require that Blue Canoe complete work in progress or any or all specific engagements or projects and such completed work will be subject to approval by Customer before payment therefore is made, said approval not to be unreasonably withheld.


Blue Canoe warrants that its services and software will be of professional quality conforming to generally accepted data processing and consulting practices. Contractor warrants that any software problems discovered in Contractor's software within one YEAR FROM DATE OF contract completion will be corrected by Blue Canoe AT NO additional charge.

Ownership rights

Blue Canoe shall retain ALL title, copyright, AND other proprietary rights IN the delivered software. The Customer does NOT acquire ANY rights, express OR implied, IN the delivered software unless explicitly specified IN the contract terms.