Knowledge Bank

Intranet and or Internet based Indexed MS & PDF documents with uploads, ratings and user access levels

Our Index solution provides an Intranet and or Internet accessible site that's content searchable. Authorised users can upload any MS Office or PDF documents, the contents of which are automatically indexed and available for searching within a few minutes at most. Search results returned depend on the user's access level. Users can rate any file they can view offering future users an idea of which documents have proved useful in the past.

The system has 9 levels of user available but defaults to 5 levels, with users broken into 4 main groups....

The lowest level being those that can view documents on and or upload documents to the 'un-secured' areas. Next we have those users that can view secured and un-secured documents but can only upload to the un-secured area. Next we have those that can view or upload any documentation. Finally we have admins, these can view, upload, delete and move files; they can also add/edit/remove users.


  • IIS 5 or better
  • Microsoft Index Server
  • MySQL 4.1 or better
  • IISPassword (included in the installer*)
  • ASPUpload (included in the installer**)

A demonstration of the application will be available here soon.

All third party copyrights are retained by their original owners. *IISPassword kindly supplied by Troxo and included in the installer.**ASP Upload kindly supplied by ASPUpload and included in the installer.